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There are hundreds upon hundreds of TVs any buyer can choose from, and this number only grows with time. TV technology in the recent years has gone from HD to Blu-Ray to Smart. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which is the best way to go when purchasing a TV. There are many factors to consider when buying TVs such as size, price, and quality. However, it’s good to first decide on a TV brand that is trusted and offers excellent products. Vizio is one such TV brand, and these Vizio TV review can help narrow down your TV choices tremendously.

Vizio TV Review

What is it that makes Vizio stand out from the rest? First off, Vizio is an American-based company that can hold its own against Far Eastern giants such as Samsung, Toshiba, and LG. Secondly, Vizio offers televisions that are more budget-friendly when compared to the competition. While they’re still a fairly young company, Vizio has established itself as one of the largest manufacturer’s of the LCD TV. They also continue to grow their company and their technology each year, creating bigger and better TV platforms. Lastly, Vizio produces high quality products with capabilities that go well beyond their price point.

Since 2009, Vizio has focused their TV production towards LCD displays. They saw the diminished future of the plasma TV and instead focused their energy towards LCDs. This type of innovation is also evident in Vizio’s subsequent TV products. They have a range of TVs to choose from, including an impressive ultra wide 71-inch high quality TV. All their TVs feature sleek and slim designs and a picture quality to boast. They offer full array LED backlights for an exceptional range of colors. Vizio also have other features such as High Dynamic Range, Active Pixel Tuning, and Ultra HD.


Vizio TV Review
Vizio TV Review

Vizio TV D Series

Vizio considers its D Series as its best-selling series. It’s got tremendous value for the package. The D Series has all the qualities of a Vizio as stated above. In addition, it has better motion capture capabilities and an Octa-Core Processor for faster booting and functioning. The D Series has a simple design that can go well in any room. It also happens to be one of the best-priced Smart TVs on the market. A 50-inch D Series Smart TV can go as low as $500, and a 65-inch sells for $900. Sizes range from 24 inches to 70 inches.

Vizio TV E Series

The E Series is a step up from the D Series, offering even more depth and details in its picture quality. The series offers Vizio’s XHDR for better contrast, Ultra HD for intense clarity, and Xtreme Black Engine for darker black color quality. These TVs have Chromecast built-in already for a great selection of apps and entertainment. The smart TV also works with the Google Assistant program for a more hands-free experience. The E Series offers an 80-inch TV for $3,400, but it also offers TVs on the lower end of the spectrum. A 48-inch regular HDTV goes for $400, while a 50-inch Ultra HD goes for $600. These are perfect mounted on the wall for the best home viewing experience.

Vizio TV M Series

With a design that’s slightly different from the other series, the M Series is a true eye catcher. It features the brightest colors among all the series with the XLED Plus Picture technology. It also has Vizio’s Ultra Color Spectrum technology for clear detail on every pixel. Colors are dramatically enhanced with the M Series, and being a Smart TV, it also has Vizio’s smart capabilities. Chromecast is also built-in along with the hundreds of apps and thousands of movies and songs already downloaded to choose from. The M Series’ best-selling 70-inch display sells for $2000.

Vizio TV P Series

Vizio boasts its P Series as its most beautiful TV product. Sure enough, it is highly modern in design and also features Vizio’s most advanced picture technology. The XLED Pro offers true-to-life quality that can only be found in the P Series. This is combined with XHDR Pro and Dolby Vision technologies to produce pictures in a wider spectrum of colors. The P Series contains over 8 million screen pixels to produce the most vibrant screen for a home theater. Watching with this series will bring the outdoors into your TV room.

Difference in Each Series

Each Vizio TV series has differences in style and design, both of which are highly visible in both the M series and P series. Each one of the series contains just the right combination of Vizio technologies that make them unique for each TV buyer. They all have different picture qualities and color capabilities. The E Series, M Series, and P Series all have built-in Chromecast capabilities having the SmartCast technology, while the D Series does not. The D Series is a Smart TV that has some Vizio apps built in already. All of these differences are also reflected on price points.

Best Vizio TV

The best Vizio TV hands down is the P Series. It also possibly looks the best out of all the other types. The diamond-cut patterned trim strays away from the traditional black border and offers the TV a higher-end look. While the trim is not marginally thinner than the other series’, the silver color makes it blend well with backgrounds for almost a seamless viewing experience. The built-in Chromecast capability takes it to the next level for endless hours of entertainment through Internet channels and Vizio apps. While some of the other series offer the same capability, the picture quality will still be different.

Since the latest P Series offers Vizio’s latest picture performance technology, the other ones can’t compare. The XLED Pro just takes colors and details to the next level. It has the ability to produce more hues and shades of colors. This series is also the only one that features Dolby Vision, which is another advanced HDR technology. With Dolby Vision, it doesn’t matter what size P Series you have or how many pixels your TV has, it automatically optimizes the screen image to your TV’s capabilities. This alone makes the P Series the best, but it doesn’t hurt that it has over 8 million pixels.

Best Budget Vizio TV

When keeping the budget in mind, it’s important to weigh price along with features. Doing this, it’s clear that the best budget Vizio TV is the E Series. The E Series offers a little bit more than the D Series. While the D Series costs much less, the E Series offers more in features and TV sizes to choose from to begin with. The cheapest E Series is a 32-inch that sells for a little over $200. But the series also sells a fully loaded 80-inch TV display for $3,400. It gives buyers a wider range of TVs to choose from.

The E Series also have similar high quality picture technologies. While it may not have the P Series’ XLED Pro, the E Series still features XHDR and Ultra HD on its TVs 50 inches and larger. The smaller TVs may only feature HD, but even those have SmartCast capability unlike the D Series.The E Series also have the option for a built-in Chromecast much like the M and P Series, but it doesn’t cost as much. Unlike the D Series that only has Vizio apps built in, the E Series allows you to enjoy thousands of shows for a lot less.

Vizio 4K Ultra HD

The 4K Ultra HD is one of Vizio’s most impressive picture technologies. When it comes to picture clarity, 4K Ultra HD gives you the sharpest picture you can ever get. This is truly what makes pictures on Vizio appear much more life-like. As a matter of fact, this offers the resolution of a 1080p Full HD four times over. Vizio’s 4K Ultra HD technology is combined with Vizio’s upscaling technologies known as Spatial Scaling Engine and Pure Cinema Engine. Using these powerful features, Vizio takes a single large pixel and divides it into four smaller pixels, which are then transformed and put together to form far more enhanced images.

Vizio’s 4K Ultra HD is available in all of the P Series and M Series TVs, most of the E Series, and a couple of the D Series TVs. The stepdown from the Ultra HD is a regular HDTV, which in a typical 55-inch E Series is just roughly $100 less. This is what makes it worth it to avail of the 4K Ultra HD feature because it doesn’t cost much more than if the Vizio TV didn’t have it. This is the difference that 8.3 million pixels makes versus a typical HD TV that only has a little over 2 million.

Vizio’s Smart Features

1. Mobile Capability

Having SmartCast allows users connectivity like no other. Vizio’s SmartCast will keep track of the shows that you watch. This means that you can start watching anything on your TV, continue it on your tablet, and maybe even finish it later on your mobile phone. It allows you to have access to all the shows you have on your TV, anywhere you are and anytime. Mobile capability means that you don’t have to wait to watch your favorite shows until you get home. You can even watch shows on your laptop computer. Any shows you may have started on your mobile device can be continued on your TV. It’s very simple.

2. Built-in Chromecast

Perhaps the best part of SmartCast is the ability to have access to Google TV easily. Built-in Chromecast makes it easy to have access to even more movies and music. The days of TiVo are truly long gone; there’s no longer need to record shows. You can have easy access to famous apps like Netflix, Hulu, and the like. You can also connect your TV with built-in Chromecast to your Google Home device. With that, you can voice over your commands for a full-on hands-free experience. If you can’t find your remote, you don’t have to worry about changing channels. Just speak your commands, and your TV will dutifully follow.

3. SmartCast Mobile

Speaking of remote controls, SmartCast Mobile gives you total access to all your devices via your mobile phone. It’s incredibly frustrating to not be able to find your remote and not everyone has access to a Google Home device. SmartCast Mobile allows you to control every TV display in your house, whether it’s in the bedroom or family room or anywhere else. The best thing about it is you don’t have to be home to get control. You can even keep track of what your kids are watching when you’re not at home. Talk about complete parental control.


Vizio has built itself to become one of the leading TV brands in the market right now. They offer TV products that are unlike any other, and they also have stayed true to their goal of providing high quality. By focusing their products and technologies on developing better HD TVs, Vizio offers a truly great selection of TVs to choose from. All their HD TVs are worth buying depending on your budget, needs, and TV desires. It’s worth it to compare and contrast all the Vizio TVs before you settle into the one that’s just right for you.

These Vizio TV review should have given you a solid idea of what will work for you and your budget. The D Series and E Series are the lower ends of the spectrum but are still great choices, especially for the budget-conscious buyer. The M Series and P Series offers some of the best TVs you can get for your money and probably the most pixels you can find as well. With any Vizio TV, you know you are getting a quality product. So either way you decide to go, you can never go wrong with any of Vizio’s TV Series.

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