Vizio P75-C1 Review

Vizio P75-C1 Review

Vizio P75-C1 is a Smart TV which has internet connectivity capabilities built in. With a built in internet connectivity capabilities, the main use of this TV is to access streaming video services such as Netflix and Hulu. The main difference of Vizio P-Series is that the capability to stream 4K and HDR, which is something the Chromecast can’t do. But it works essentially the same way where you just need to open an app, pick something to stream, tap the Cast icon, and that content switches over to the big screen P75-C1. Just like the other cast device, the TV shows up in the list. The included tablet which is intended to be the remote control is preloaded with the Vizio’s SmartCast app that you will need to for everything from switching HDMI inputs to adjusting the picture modes or even changing the volume. Beyond all of these, you can use the included conventional remote control when you are watching where you can use simple commands. Just like the previous review about the P65-C1, for more detail review about P75-C1 we’ll see in the following section.

Vizio P75-C1 Display

Vizio P75-C1 is one of Vizio P-Series with the screen size 75-inch diagonally. This model possesses 4K Ultra HD resolution. This is one of the highest resolutions available on TVs today. 4K is a misnomer, because although it is supposed to describe the number of horizon pixels of the display, 4K screens actually only have 3,840 horizontal pixels. They also have 2,160 vertical pixels, meaning that these screens have 4 times more pixels than 1080p TVs. The screen technology of this model is a LED-LCD, without LED-Full Array. It means that this model is based on light-emitting diode technology that backlights the display of an LCD. With this technology, it allows for more precise light than traditional CCFLs in older LCD TVs.

Vizio P75-C1 Features

As we mentioned previously that this model is full-loaded with features. Below are all features of Vizio P75-C1:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Multiple Languages
  • Sleep Timer
  • Stand Included
  • VESA Compliant
  • Local Dimming

Vizio 75-C1 connectivity

While for P75-C1 connectivity can be seen in the following details:

  • Video connectivity: component, composite, HDMI, RF Port, USB
  • Network connectivity: Ethernet / LAN and Wi-Fi
  • Audio connectivity: Digital Optical, HDMI, Headphones, Stereo.
  • Number of connections: 2x HDMI ports, 2x USB ports, 1x component inputs, 1x composite
  • inputs (AV), 2x digital audio ports (Optical).

The Vizio P75-C1 has standard connection types of 4 HDMI ports which is the average number for a 70-79-inch television, therefore this model cannot connect to as many HDMI-compatible devices as the average TV in this size range. The standard number of USB ports that 70-79 inch TVs have is three, so it can be said that this model has fewer than average for its size. This model also has other types of connections that may prove useful for you to have, depending on the technology you want to use.

Vizio P75-C1 Specifications

The Vizio P75-C1 weighs in at 66.2 lbs where the average weight of other TV in similar size is 83.1 lbs, this means that this model is lighter than average for its size range. P75-C1 is an LED-LCD TV that uses light emitting diodes to backlight the LCD screen, which makes this model as one of the thinnest and lightest display types around today. If we compare this model among all LED-LCD TVs, the average depth is 2.70 inches, which is makes this P-Series model thinner than the average LED-LCD television at 2.5 inches. This model height is 37.97 inches and its width is 66.21 inches.


Vizio P-Series is quite simply smart TV, which are some of the best 4K LED/LCD HDR TVs this year. It is top-notch picture quality and future-ready features at an affordable price. With its High Dynamic Range (HDR)-compatible 4K televisions delivers solid image quality. With its included Android tablet to serve as a remote, it gives good and bad points when it is used to control the television. Alternatively, P65-C1 also comes with a conventional remote control to cover simple control of the television. For additional information, Vizio P75-C1 is not capable to access the internet directly, so you cannot use this TV for streaming video service and internet access through your TV.

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